Fit for Spring?

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Stop stepping on the scale

When we say “I want to lose weight”, we really mean “I want to look good and be healthy.”  If you look good at 150 lbs. that doesn’t mean you will always look good at 150 lbs.  So stop stepping on the scale to evaluate your health.  The single best way to evaluate your overall ‘weight’ is to use a pair of jeans that fits you when you’re “healthy”.   

Fat weighs less than muscle?

Yes, everyone knows this, but what does it mean?  The SAME person at the EXACT SAME weight  can look drastically different (based on their ratio of fat to muscle)… In fact, you can get ‘toned’ just by adding weight training to your routine.  We can show you how.

Ok so how do I get there?

The truth is that your body may not be ready for an intensive exercise program.  If you have been waiting to get fit for the summer, jumping in too quickly will put you at risk.  Spring is the season where exercise related injuries skyrocket.

Getting fast results

The most important part of beginning a program is your ability to follow through.  We can ensure you are not putting your body at risk for injury by properly evaluating and forming a customized plan.  We also have specialized personal training programs for all age groups.  Meet the trainers

Take advantage of our Movement Analysis Program

Before you start an exercise program, get evaluated.  It’s free and simple Learn how this software can take your body to the next level.. CLICK