Migraine Headache Treatment Havertown

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In one large study conducted by Rasmussen,, it was determined that 51% of migraine sufferers manage their headache symptoms without the use of medications (OTC and/or prescription) (3,4).


Chiropractic Can Help

According to current overall migraine prevalence data, females suffer from the condition at a ratio of 3:1  over their male counterparts.  So it makes sense that you are searching for answers, treatment and relief for migraine symptoms.  The good news is that there currently are safe and effective alternatives to over-the-counter treatment.

There are many different types of headaches that can cause excruciating head pain.  Have you had your headaches diagnosed by your doctor of chiropractic?  A 15 minute in office evaluation can help you understand how to reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of your headaches.

Headache Causes 

Headaches are commonly associated with dysfunction of the neck (C-spine) joints.  Muscle spasms at the upper neck can cause compression of the occipital nerve, sending shooting pain to the eye and forehead region.  This is a common pain pattern that is usually treated using expensive drugs.  If you are looking for a safe alternative, consider chiropractic.

Migraine Headache Treatment and Relief 

Chiropractors use safe and effective treatments to fix the underlying cause of your head pain.

  • myofascial technique
  • trigger point therapy
  • muscle stimulation
  • heat / ice
  • modifying specific dietary habits

Treatments are customized for each individual case, depending on the underlying cause.

Conservative treatment options

Studies show that spinal manipulations are a safe treatment for headache frequency, duration and severity.Non-invasive treatments can yield incredible results.  A chiropractor can help determine if your headaches are a result of other conditions in the head and neck.  Ask your chiropractor today, how treatments can help you.






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