Spinal Rehabilitation

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spinal rehabMost of us have underlying ‘coordination problems’ that have accumulated over the years.  This causes wear and tear on the spinal joints, leading to arthritis and joint degeneration.  

Pain ≠ Problem

Just because the pain is gone doesn’t mean the problem is gone.  For example, many patients get ‘pain episodes’ that seem to come back a few times per year.  The truth is that the problem was never resolved.  The PAIN just went away- temporarily, the PROBLEM never left.

What can I do about spinal pain?

The key to completely resolving pain is to create STRENGTH, STABILITY, and MOBILITY.  The best way to achieve this is using a combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy.  Our practitioners are licensed to do both.

How does it work?

Spinal muscles are attached to the top  of the pelvic bone.  If the pelvic bone is mal-positioned spinal muscles become fatigued and painful.  Our rehabilitation program will create stability in your spinal muscles and joints.  Spinal rehabilitation at our Havertown location typically begins with simple pelvic ’tilts’ that take about 3 minutes/day to complete.  It’s quick and easy.



How to get started:

Our chiropractors are licensed to evaluate your spinal muscles.  Take advantage of our free consultation by calling our office at (484)469.7729 to schedule an appointment.



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