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Additional Services

At your first visit to our Havertown Location, we will explain how Spine & Disc treaments work and give you a full evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for Spine & Disc treatments. If there is a good fit, we will customize a plan of Spine & Disc care for your condition and health goals.


Our chiropractors are licensed to diagnose and treat your muscle, nerve and joint problems

Chiropractic Adjustments

During chiropractic adjustments, your joints undergo a comfortable stretch that relieves pressure and nerve interference. This is what makes the adjustment so effective. The adjustment itself only takes 3 minutes and can significantly reduce pain and tension.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

Electronic muscle stimulation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) helps by fatiguing the nervous system during the 15 minute treatment, allowing the muscles relax, thus reducing pain and allowing the body to begin the healing process.

Rehabilitation Treatments

Because we believe rehabilitation and chiropractic complement one another and produce the best possible outcomes for patients with muscle and weakness, balance, and joint mobility problems, we offer custom rehabilitation treatments at Rehab 2 Wellness.

Flexion Distraction Techniques (F&D)

F&D is manipulation technique that uses a table to restore a normal range of motion to spinal joints. Flexion-distraction manipulation is a gentle technique that uses your own body to stretch and aid in the healing process.

Cannabinoid Therapy

Mammals including humans make and use molecules called cannabinoids to maintain internal balance (homeostasis). Phytocannabinoids which are cannabinoid molecules from plants are helpful to bring balance to the body through pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving sleep and so on.

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Rehab 2 Wellness

Dr. Paul Roscioli, D.C., B.S

Prior to chiropractic school, Dr. Roscioli served 4 years in the US Army in Iraq, Korea, and Lousiana with the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment. Later as an exercise physiologist, in West Chester PA. His passion for patient care developed strong roots. Dr. Roscioli obtained a certification as a Health Fitness Specialist (HFS), and developed corrective exercise plans to help patients become more active. His experience as an exercise physiologist helped him develop a simple system to help anyone achieve better health.

“After serving 4 years of active duty in the US Army, I realize my true calling is healthcare.”

– Paul Roscioli

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