Cannabinoid Therapy

Mammals including humans make and use molecules called cannabinoids to maintain internal balance (homeostasis). Phytocannabinoids which are cannabinoid molecules from plants are helpful to bring balance to the body through pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving sleep and so on.

Two types of cannabinoid receptors which cannabinoids are able to bind to for effects in the organism have been identified to be present throughout the body. CB1 receptor acts on the central nervous system and CB2 receptor acts on the peripheral nervous system. Cannabinoid receptors are found under the top layer of the skin making cannabinoid therapy a powerful tool via massage.

Each isolated cannabinoid has been identified to have unique functions and add to each other in effectiveness when used in combination. Some are psychoactive where they impact functioning of the brain and others do not have such property.

Full Spectrum cannabinoids include all cannabinoids extracted from a plant while broad spectrum cannabinoids are cannabinoids excluding those which are psychoactive (THC).

Amongst plants which contain cannabinoids, the Hemp plant is naturally low in psychoactive cannabinoids and meets federal regulations (<0.3%) to be legally accessible. Isolating natural cannabinoids from hemp is a meticulous process and when can be done with as much consistent oversight from cultivation of hemp plants to extraction it is most beneficial.

Balms and tinctures available at Rehab2Wellness Chiropractic, PC are from Broad Spectrum Health Center in Aston, PA (BSHC) which follows the approach of maximum oversight to quality. BSHC carefully grows quality cultivar of hemp plants from seeds and includes 3rd party independent laboratory testing which attests that the identity and amount of ingredients in the products are as labelled.

Balms used in massage of soft tissues are at PRO strength which is 750mg of CBD and 750mg of CBG per Ounce. Isolates in oil form are also available for individual use with option to use as tincture and also as a topical oil if desired.

Although BSHC products are not intended for treatment of any medical condition in particular, use of the products can have beneficial effects in homeostasis.

Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabichromene (CBC) are added along with CBD and CBG in BSHC’s sleep tincture. While not psychoactive, due to its nature to induce sleep, sleep tincture is not used in professional massage.

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