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“After serving 4 years of active duty in the US Army, I realized that my true calling is healthcare. My experience as a mechanic, my passion for helping…….. read more.

Debbie G. 53: US Defense Department

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“The customized shoe orthotics (shoe inserts) have allowed me to stand for long periods at work without pain”



I couldn’t believe that flat feet can cause back pain.  Due to Dr. Paul’s diagnosis (flat fee), I was able to fulfill my lifelong goal of completing a mud run with my twin sister and children. Read More

Jared R. 30: Sales

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“The F&D (Flexion Distraction technique) is the primary treatment that Dr. Paul used to relieve my lower back pain”




I have seen many chiropractors before Dr. Paul.  Flexion distraction  was the most effective treatment I’ve ever gotten for my back pain. Read More

Matt D. 26 – Student

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“I originally went for relief of my hip pain after other options failed … You just have to do the right exercises if you want to get better”




I originally went to Dr. Paul for relief from hip pain after other options failed. Not only was he able to completely fix my hip problem, Read More