How does it work?

When you experience pain, your body reacts by squeezing joints in an attempt to ‘protect’ them. This squeezing is counterproductive because joint pressure causes even more pain! During chiropractic adjustments, your joints undergo a comfortable stretch that relieves pressure and nerve interference. This is what makes the adjustment so effective. The adjustment itself only takes 3 minutes and can significantly reduce pain and tension.

Chiropractors Are Trained To Detect And Treat Joints That Have Become ‘Stuck’ Or “Subluxated

Chiropractic adjustments are the primary means of reducing this interference in muscles and joints. The adjustment is actually one of the safest treatments for muscle pain caused by injury and joint pain from arthritis and spinal disc herniations. This safe, effective treatment has been used successfully by practitioners for hundreds of years and is becoming more popular among patients and health insurance providers. Patients commonly experience an instant sense of relief after their adjustment.

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