shoulder pain relief havertown. Image shows the inside of a shoulder joint with the bones glowing red.

Shoulder Pain Relief Havertown

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Commonly described as “shoulder pain”, biceps tendinitis (BT) effects the attachment of the biceps tendon near the shoulder joint.  Although this condition is most commonly associated with other shoulder injuries, its ability to generate pain should not be overlooked. (1)

What is it?

The biceps tendon lives in a bony groove on the superior portion of the arm bone near the shoulder joint.  Poor posture, faulty mechanics or muscular weakness can significantly contribute to BT.  When this tendon becomes aggravated by overhead, repetitive or sporting activities (for example), it can lead to the complaint of “shoulder pain.”

Page_shoulder-PainHow is BT treated?

Due to the superficial nature of the biceps tendon (being close to the skin’s surface), conservative care is a great option for treatment.  The goal for care is to break the cycle of inflammation, pain and muscular contracture.  BT usually responds favorably to chiropractic care due to our ability to interrupt the pain cycle.  Chiropractic may include the following:

  • Rest
  • Ice pack/ Hot pack
  • Electric stimulation
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy used to break scar tissue and promote proper tissue healing
  • Rehabilitative procedures to increase functional capacity and enhance proper mechanics.