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    Tell Us About Your Pain
    1. What is your current level of pain? If your pain comes and goes then choose how severe the pain is on a typical pain episode.

    2. What is your source of pain? (check all the apply)

    3. What type of doctors have you seen for your pain? (check all the apply)

    4. When did your pain begin?

    5. What medications or treatments are you receiving for your pain? (check all that apply)

    How Did it Happen?
    6. How did the pain begin? (check all that apply)

    7. Check any of the following tests you have had for this condition. (check all that apply)

    8. Have you had any surgeries related to your existing pain?

    9. Have you had any of the following treatments /procedures? (check all that apply)

    Tell Us About Yourself
    10. Do you have any type of health or medical insurance?

    11. How serious do you view your condition?

    12. Do you have any additional information about your condition you want us to know or any questions about treatment options we can help answer?

    13. What Is Your First Name?

    14. What is your Last Name?

    15. What is your best email address? (used to send treatment qualification information)

    16. What Is Your Best Contact Phone Number - Please Input Your Area Code Followed By Your Phone Number With NO SPACES, No Dashes, Or Parentheses

    17. What Is Your Zip Code?

    18. What is the best time to contact you?

    Rehab 2 Wellness

    510 Darby Rd, Ste.3A
    Havertown, PA 19083, US

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