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Rehab2Well Weight Loss Program

is a proven Low Calorie Diet (LCD). It is a grocery food based solution where you’ll eat 3-5 protein supplements and 2-3 grocery meals daily. Protein supplements in a variety of forms and flavors are typically used as in-between meal snacks or as meal replacements. Your primary focus is on nutrition and low-fat eating.

Utilizing a two phase goal achievement approach, the Advanced Health Systems” Weight Loss Program emphasizes structure and convenience, and education modules facilitate the formation of new, healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors. Advanced Health Systems also helps maximize bariatric surgery outcomes and enhance total wellness by providing nutritional support, exercise modules, and behavior counseling to pre- and post-surgical patients.

Phases of Weight Loss

1-The WEIGHT Loss PHASE is designed to help you lose weight under our personal professional care, utilizing structured meal plans that incorporate grocery foods and our delicious Advanced Health Systems protein supplements. This structured format provides healthy nutrition and allows for safe weight loss. This phase includes meetings with our counselors to help promote compliance to the diet, improve nutrition knowledge, modify behavior and introduce exercise.

2-During the MAINTENANCE PHASE you will gradually return to a diet of all grocery foods, while the protein supplements are slowly phased out. Some people choose to utilize one or two protein supplements daily as a maintenance tool. You will continue to learn strategies to prevent weight regain, and discover the self-confidence which occurs from being in control of eating habits. Self-monitoring techniques are also learned during this phase.


Provides the body with the necessary amount of high­quality protein, which is vital to preserve lean body tissue during the Weight Loss Phase.

Being high in protein, the nutrients help the body maintain a higher metabolic rate during calorie restriction. As a result, you feel less tired, burn more fat and lose weight faster.

The protein provides a greater feeling of satiety and helps control hunger. In fact, each nutrient serving provides as much protein as nearly two ounces of meat with minimal calories, fat, and cholesterol.

The nutrients are convenient and compatible with today’s busy lifestyle-they’re portable, easy to mix, and look and taste like real food.

The nutrients are calorie-controlled, fat-controlled and portion-controlled and help eliminate the temptations of high calorie, high fat foods. In addition, the nutrients, used with our meal plans, make weight loss easier because they minimize both shopping and meal planning. This structured approach to weight management allows for better adherence to the program.