Comprehensive Weight Management

Nutritionist Driven
Life Changing

System includes “weekly one on one phone calls” with our nutritionist to:

This program is designed to help you lose weight under our personal professional care, in a structured format that is healthy and safe. Our system includes one-on-one phone calls with our nutritionist to:

  • provide motivation
  • implement nutritious decision making
  • promote healthy habits
  • introduce exercise

R2W Program Highlights:

A proven 12 week program where you’ll eat 6-7 meals per day to ignite your metabolism and burn fat.

  • 12 weekly “Shape Shops”
  • nutritionist guided
  • delicious snacks & meal replacement
  • home based meal planning
  • life-time changes that you can incorporate immediately

Mandy M. - Havertown

"After having a baby at 41, the weight hasn’t been as quick to go. With the convenience and
simplicity of Robard, I have been able to fit losing weight in to my busy schedule of having a
new baby and working a full time job."

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Alexandria Kachurak, M.S., B.S.

To her, the key to weight loss is not to starve yourself, but rather eat small, frequent, balanced meals. Alex is also a Senior Research Coordinator at the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University.

Our Weight Loss Program emphasizes structure, convenience, and education to facilitate the formation of new, healthy lifestyle behaviors that you will experience through:

  • weekly weigh-ins, body fat%, blood pressure monitoring
  • convenient, healthy, on-the-go food + meal planning
  • easy to read education modules
  • small frequent meals keep your body in ‘fat burn’ mode


On the go snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Protein rich Robard snacks will keep your body in ‘fat burn mode’.

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Customized meal plans

You can’t lose weight without knowing how to eat and shop healthy. Each meal plan is 100% customized for YOU.

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Losing weight is a mind game.
Change your mind change your body.

Sean K. - Havertown

"I've had so much success on this program that I have not seen before with Weight watchers and other fad diets."

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