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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

“The F&D (Flexion Distraction technique) is the primary treatment that Dr. Paul used to relieve my lower back pain”

I have seen many chiropractors before Dr. Paul. Flexion distraction was the most effective treatment I’ve ever gotten for my back pain.

“The customized shoe orthotics (shoe inserts) have allowed me to stand for long periods at work without pain”

I couldn’t believe that flat feet can cause back pain. Due to Dr. Paul’s diagnosis (flat fee), I was able to fulfill my lifelong goal of completing a mud run with my twin sister and children.

After a few weeks of treatment, my back pain and knee pain improved significantly”

I am a heavy construction operator and am constantly on the move. My lower back and knees have been bothering me for many years.

“I originally went for relief of my hip pain after other options failed … You just have to do the right exercises if you want to get better”

I originally went to Dr. Paul for relief from hip pain after other options failed. Not only was he able to completely fix my hip problem,

The Graston Technique was, in my opinion, the difference-maker

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